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Not only does Micromeritics offer industry leading instrumentation products, we also provide unmatched services through our world-class Micromeritics Analytical Services.

Process and product performance often can be improved through insight gained from materials characterization by Micromeritics Analytical Services. Strict confidentiality is always maintained. Precise, accurate, and reproducible results are provided; reference materials are analyzed periodically to ensure that your analyses meet our strict standards. ASTM methods, where applicable, also can be performed using our instrumentation. In fact, Micromeritics analyzers have been selected to establish standards for entire industries.

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MPS is dedicated to the drug development and quality control needs of pharmaceutical scientists. Our services include expert characterization of APIs, excipients, and formulations. We also provide comprehensive excipient screening and analytical method development / validation services. As a DEA-licensed, FDA-registered, cGMP/GLP-compliant contract analytical laboratory, MPS ready to serve you.

Micromeritics Pharmaceutical Services is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive analytical and development services designed to meet the needs of today’s pharmaceutical scientists.

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