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Volume 25, Issue 1

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· Conducting Catalysis Research to Address Environmental Challenges, Can Be Enhanced by Partnering with Micromeritics
· 2016 Grant Winners
· Krypton Physisorption for Characterization of Nanoscopic Microporous Thin Films
· Improved Determinations of Particle Size and Zeta Potential in Solvent-Water Blends
· MAS, MPS and PoroTechnology
· Experience Material Characterization Excellence with Micromeritics
· Micromeritics Clients Continue to See Increasing Returns on their Analytical Instrument




Volume 24, Issue 1
New Products
How to Administer Insoluble Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Grant Winners
Surface Area Measurement for Pharmaceuticals
Laboratory Services
Technical Article - Characterizations of Modified Glass Beads
Learning Center
Event List
Volume 23, Issue 1
New 3Flex
NanoPlus DLS Nano Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer
Guest Article: "Carbon Dioxide Characterization of Carbons with the TriStar II 3020”
Article: "Particle Characterization Solutions for Appearance and Structure Assessment of Lyophilized Biopharmaceutical Compounds"
Micromeritics Analytical Services Article: “Physical Characterization of Shale,”
News and Events
Volume 22, Issue 1
Micromeritics to Showcase its Extensive Line of Material Characterization Instruments at Pittcon 2012
New Products
GUEST ARTICLE: Microchannel Reactor for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Adaptation of a Commercial Unit (PID-Micromeritics Microactivity Reference) click here for pdf of article 
Micromeritics Announces Instrument Grant
What’s New at Micromeritics Analytical Services
MPS - Characterizing Lypophilized Pharmaceutical Products click here for pdf of article
Defining Material Characterization Worldwide for 50 Years
Volume 21, Issue 1
Micromeritics Announces Materials Characterization Workshop and Plant Tour
Particle Characterization Information Essential in Helping Scientists Predict the Airborne Transport and Fallout of Volcanic Ash
Micromeritics Announces Instrument Grant
Micromeritics Introduces the ASAP 2020 HD
Micromeritics to Showcase Its Extensive Line of Material Characterization Instruments at Pittcon 2011

Micromeritics Announces Formation of its New Japanese Subsidiary
Micromeritics Releases Six New NLDFT-Based Models for Characterization of Carbonand Zeolites
Volume 20, Issue 3
Micromeritics Instruments Aid in Research Aimed at Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
Mercury QuikVac
Introducing the Micromeritics YouTube Channel
Announcing Instrument Grant to Georgia Tech
Identification of Critical Quality Attributes During Product Development
Particulate Systems Extends its Product Line
Volume 20, Issue 2
Micromeritics to Showcase a Variety of New Instruments and Instrument Options at Pittcon 2010
Outsourcing Analytical Services
Volumetric Gas/Vapor Sorption Analytical Technique - A Useful Tool in the Development and Production of Pharmaceutical Powders and Tablets
Micromeritics Announces Instrument Grant Winner
Volume 20, Issue 1
Particulate Systems Adds New Products
Micromeritics Announces Recent Grant Winners
Introducing Micromeritics Pharmaceutical Services
Guest Article: Electrical Sensing Zone Advantages when Quantifying Particle Contamination in Lubricating Oils
New European Technical Center Opens in Germany
What's New at Micromeritics Anaytical Services
Volume 19, Issue 2
Micromeritics Moves to New Headquarters
The Sixth Instrument Grant Award Winner Announced
Micromeritics Introduces the Particle Insight Under its New Particulate Systems Brand
Two New Scientific Posters Available
Guest Article: The Heat of Adsorption of Hydrogen Gas on Lanthanum Pentanickel
Volume 19, Issue 1

Micromeritics to Showcase a Variety of New Instruments at the 2008 Pittsburgh Conference
Micromeritics Website Offers Premium Information for Registered Customers
The Fifth Instrument Grant Award Winner Announced
Predicting Hydrogen Chemisorption on Palladium

Volume 18, Issue 3
Introducing the ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer and Dynamic Void Volume Analyzer 4000
Two New Scientific Theory Posters available
Micromeritics Introduces Comprehensive Product Support Plans
Instrument Grant Award Winner Announced
N2 Adsorption on Zeolite Li-X at Multiple Temperatures Using the ASAP 2050
What’s New at Micromeritics Analytical Services
Volume 18, Issue 2

Micromeritics Proudly Announces Its Second Instrumentation Grant Award Winner
Micromeritics Appoints New Manager of Market Development
Scientific Theory Posters are Now Available
Micromeritics Extensive Bibliography Surpasses 25,000 Downloads
Pulse Chemisorption with AutoChem II 2920: Isopropylamine on Zeolites
What's New at Micromeritics Analytical Services 

Volume 18, Issue 1
Micromeritics To Showcase New Instruments at the 2007 Pittsburgh Conference
Micromeritics To Proudly Announces its First Instrumentation Grant Award Winner
Pore Structure Characterization of Barrier Coatings for Paper and Paperboard
The Micromeritics Medal For Best Poster Presented at the Annual Meeting at CATSA
What's New at Micromeritics Analytical Services 
Volume 17, Issue 2

Version 3.0 ASAP 2020 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer Software
Instrument Grant Program Launched
Micromeritics Releases Extensive Bibliography of Scientific Papers
2006 Giuseppe Parravano Award
Searching for the Optimum Adsorption Temperature Using the T.P.A. Technique
What’s New at Micromeritics Analytical Services

Volume 17, Issue 1
Micromeritics to Showcase New Instruments at PITTCON® 2006
Diffusion of Nitrogen and Methane in clinoptilolites
What’s New at Micromeritics Analytical Services
Volume 16, Issue 2
Micromeritics introduces the New ASAP 2420
DRI Scientists discover the affects of desert dust on military operations in Iraq
Software Engineering Support
What’s New at Micromeritics Analytical Services
Volume 16, Issue 1
New Elzone Combines Modern Technology with Proven Method
Micromeritics' Tony Thornton Appointed Chairman of ISO Committee on Particle Sizing
Micromeritics Showcases Instruments at the Pittsburgh Conference
Perform Longer Surface Area Measurements with The Gemini
What's New at Micromeritics Analytical Services
Volume 15, Issue 3
Micromeritics Announces New Laboratory
TPR, TPO and TPD Examination of Cu0.15Ce0.85O2-yMixed Oxide Catalyst Prepared by Co-precipitation Synthesis
Surface, Colloids, and Nanoscience short course
Thermocouple Calibration for The AutoChem-Thermostar Interface
Micromeritics Provides More Than Instruments
Volume 15, Issue 2
New ChemiSorb Meets a Variety of Needs
Uninterruptible Power Supplies to be used with the ASAP 2020
Use of Minimum Signal Fraction Setting in Sample Information File
Micromeritics’ Tony Thornton Awarded ASTM 2004 Award of Merit
Volume 15, Issue 1
Why Demand for the SediGraph Endures
Characterization of Vanadia Catalysts Supported on Different Carriers by TPD, TPR
New confirm™ Software offered for a Suite of Products
Characterization of Acid Sites Using Temperature-Programmed Desorption
Volume 14, Issue 3
New Gemini V Series Surface Area Analyzer
Ensuring Quality in Particle Size
Platnum Catalyst Research Aided by New Subambient Temperature CryoCooler II
Volume 14, Issue 2
New Software for the TriStar 3000
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
DataMaster Software
21 CFR Part 11 Software
Determination of the Density of Small and Irregular-shaped Samples of Sound and Degraded Waterlogged Woods
Volume 14, Issue 1
Introducing the New ASAP 2020 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System
Newly Designed Micromeritics CryoCooler™ II Accessory
Interlaboratory Comparison of Analytical Results a Measure of Quality Control
Measure of Quality Control Micromeritics Launches New Website
Micromeritics’ Materials Analysis Laboratory: Helping to Increase Your Productivity
Visit Us at Pittcon 2003