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Custom Engineered Products



Problems Solved with Custom-Engineered Products


  • History 
    Almost fifty years in the analytical instrument business.

  • Instrumentation Expertise
    The core business has always been to provide analytical solutions to quantifying physical characteristics of materials and extracting information from those measurements.

  • The Technical Team
    Micromeritics’ design and development team has more cumulative years of experience in instrumentation than that of any other company providing the same or similar type products.

  • Can We Remove Your Analytical Barriers?
    If your analytical instrument requirements cannot be met by any commercially available product, Micromeritics is ready to assist you in finding a solution.


For almost fifty years Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has been designing and manufacturing premium analytical instruments. During this time, we frequently have been asked to modify an instrument or accessory to resolve an analytical dilemma. In response, we have built hundreds of modified products ranging from unusual sample holders to complete instrument systems that perform unique functions.

Delivered Solutions
Typical requests are for special data reduction and reporting software, enhanced detection sensitivity, the ability to accommodate samples of unusual shapes and sizes, and the capability to withstand corrosive materials or safely accommodate hazardous ones. Occasionally, however, we are challenged with designing and building a one-of-a-kind apparatus for performing uncommon analyses or analyses required by an emerging technology. Particularly in the latter case, some of these designs have become standard products for Micromeritics.

Expertise in Instrument Design
The metrological expertise of the company is in the physical characterization of materials. Micromeritics led the way in the embodiment of a variety of analytical techniques into commercial instruments. Examples include volumetric physical and chemical adsorption analyzers, an X-ray sedimentation particle size analyzer, automated gas pycnometers, and a hydrodynamic chromatograph. We were the first instrument company to utilize a mega-pixel CCD detector to capture a high-resolution image of the scattering pattern in a laser diffraction particle size analyzer. We were also the first instrument company to develop and supply a data reduction routine based on Non-Local Density Functional Theory (NLDFT) for our physisorption analyzers.

The Technical Team
Our staff of scientists and engineers comes from an array of disciplines including electrical, mechanical, software and chemical engineering, chemistry, physics and physical chemistry. The seven most experienced members of this team encompass over 200 years of experience with Micromeritics performing research, development, and engineering of analytical instruments.

Can We Remove Your Analytical Barriers?
To determine if Micromeritics has the solution you are seeking, a call to the Director of Pioneering is all that is required. There are no charges or obligations associated with the initial consultation. If deemed necessary, a non-disclosure agreement can be executed prior to discussions. A short description of your objectives and difficulties will begin the conversation and details will be solicited as required to assure that we clearly and accurately understand your needs. The Director will then determine if these requirements lie within our range of competencies and available resources. If so, we continue into the next phase where project costs and timing are estimated, after which we will contact you to discuss pricing, project details, and scheduling. Again, there are no charges associated with these steps.

If your research work requires an analytical device, technique, or configuration that is not commercially available, why not discuss your needs with the experts at Micromeritics Instrument Corporation?


Primary Contact:
Graham Killip, Director of Product Pioneering
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
4356 Communications Drive Norcross, GA 30093-2901, U.S.A.