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Micromeritics provides a complete line of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment targeted exclusively for areas of application and research involving particle science and particle technology, including the expanding area of nanoscience. Particle size analyzers employ laser diffraction, sedimentation, and electrozone sensing. Physical adsorption and mercury porosimetry instruments determine surface area and porosity. Material density can be determined by gas pycnometry and solids displacement. Chemical adsorption techniques are used to determine the active area of catalysts, metal dispersion, and surface energy. Temperature-programmed chemisorption (TPD, TPR, TPO) techniques are utilized in the chemisorption product line.  

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Particle Size

Accurate measurement of particle size is essential for determination for the consistency, quality and overall usefullness and performance characteristics of a material.


The porosity of a material affects its physical properties and, subsequently, its behavior in its surrounding enviroment. The term "porosity" is often used to encompass the measurements of pore size, volume, distribution, density, and other porosity-related characteristics of a material.


Volume /

Density influences the overall quality of manufactured products and density measurements guide the manufacturing process.

Surface Area

Surface area and porosity are two important physical properties that determine the quality and utility of many materials. Differences in the surface area and porosity of particles within a material can greatly influence its performance characteristics.


High-Pressure Sorption

Chemical adsorption (chemisorption) analysis techniques provide much of the information necessary (such as percent metal dispersion, active metal surface area, size of active particles, and surface activity of catalytic materials) to evaluate today’s catalytic materials in the development and production phases, as well as after-use evaluation. Micromeritics instruments are specifically designed for the highly aggressive environment present during chemisorption analysis.


Understanding physiochemical properties of drug substances, excipients and finished products is crucial. In today’s age of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD), regulatory authorities look favorably upon drug developer partnerships with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that have specific areas of expertise in material characterization.
Product Brochure

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has an auxiliary selection of OEM laboratory instruments to complement its line of particle characterization products. These products are sold under the umbrella brand, Particulate Systems.

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